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Company: J.B. Hunt

Location: Lowell, AR

Contact: 877-838-3653

Description: Take control of the wheel and shift your truck driving job into the next gear, by joining the J.B. Hunt team Choose more miles, more pay, and more home time. It shouldnt have to be one or the other. W...

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Husbands and Wives: Today's Ultimate Truck driving Duo


Husband and wife truck-driving teams have become the most powerful force in the trucking industry and more favored by hiring employers. In an industry facing a growing shortage of drivers and a higher turnover due to long durations away from home, married couples are proving to be the ideal solution to all the problems long haul trips pose. Companies all over the U.S. have team driver jobs available and specialty websites such as TruckingUnlimited.com makes it easy for applicants to access the full range of trucking jobs in every state.


Team Truck Driving Couple


One of the biggest problems in retaining long haul truck-drivers is the weeks they must spend on the road and the minimal time at home with their families. For married couples who do not have children or have already raised their families, team-driving not only allows a husband and wife to share a mobile home on the road, it allows them to travel the country together making the long-haul less lonely and more like a road-trip.


There are also more practical benefits as well. The earning potential nearly doubles when two people are sharing the driving and they can reach their destinations in half the time. Not just Mother Nature, but the law now limits a single driver to only drive a certain amount of hours before taking full recovery time in between. So when solo drivers have their trucks parked at rest stops and overnight at motels, the team driven trucks keep moving right along the highway. When solo drivers are still on route to the same destination, the team drivers have already come and gone, driving a new load to the next destination. Doubling the profits for employers as well.


Husband and wife truck-driving team are also proving to be more successful than other team variations, such as two friends. Two people who are married have usually gone through whatever it takes to determine spending the rest of their lives together, where as two buddies or business partners aren't always compatible for being together around the clock.  A married couple also naturally chooses to spend holidays together and this saves employers a lot of headaches when all their drivers are requesting the same typical family holidays off.


In addition to the added miles and bigger profits for the company and team-drivers, a husband and wife driving teams also save employers the logistical headaches of accommodating all male-driving teams with sleeping/living quarters. A growing number of fleets are now equipped for two with larger beds or double bunks, dual refrigerators, microwaves and additional cab space. As opposed to two guys stuffed in close quarters, a married couple is accustomed to sharing space and for two people who enjoy each other's company, a semi-truck wouldn't feel much different than a motor home cross country tour. Even an adventure for some happily married couples.


In today's economy, where so many couples are struggling to make ends meet on one end and trucking companies are struggling to find long haul drivers on the other, husband and wife trucking teams are proving to be the overhaul solution for all.



November 02, 2012

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